Trump the Swamp

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Fun informative playing cards

A standard 54 card deck with photos and info on Trump's cabinet picks and other government officials

Drain the swamp? I guess not! We now have quite a collection of swamp monsters serving in the United States of America's administration. We are living in a special time in the United States. We have put a president (POTUS) in the White House with no experience or even much interest in government. He got to the position by ridiculing and and insulting all his opponents and promising the world.

This deck of cards illustrates the people who are now in charge of your Federal government in the administration of Donald Trump. It is intended to be both practical and educational. On the practical side the deck is a standard 52 card deck with two jokers. You can use them for your bridge club or your weekly poker game.

The Hearts in the deck are all members of the Congress, the legislative branch of the Federal government or ancillary organizations set up to provide support for the Congress.

The Clubs in the deck are all members of the military/security apparatus of the country and all of them are appointed by the POTUS (with the advice and consent of the Senate).

The Diamonds represent the executive branch of the Federal government. They include the POTUS who is elected by the people and eleven members of his cabinet that he appoints with the advice and consent of the Senate.

The Spades represent the “shadow government” men and women who have exceptional influence on the POTUS and the rest of the federal government but are not directly accountable to the people of the country. All of the spades in the deck are appointed by the POTUS but only a few of them require Senate confirmation.

The two Jokers represent the nine members of the Supreme Court, the judicial branch of the Federal government. They are appointed by the POTUS for life terms with Senate confirmation.

If you'd like to see what the cards actually look like, you can play solitaire or virtually throw cards around.

Play Solitaire with the Swamp Throw Cards